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NEW for Summer 2023, Mariners Volleyball Club is excited to announce the first season of the MVC Secondary School Beach Volleyball Challenge League. Student athletes in the Nanaimo area are invited to form school teams and compete in this Challenge League. Registration must be completed through a school Athletic Director or Coach (further registration info is listed below in the FAQs).

    • DATES & TIMES: May 5 – June 2 on Mondays (2:45 PM – 5:00 PM) and Fridays (2:30 PM – 5:00 PM)
    • LOCATION: Bowen Park Beach Courts, Nanaimo, BC (located on Wall Street across from the Nanaimo Curling Club).
    • COST: FREE!
    • GRADES: 10 – 12; male and female athletes (see FAQs below for further team composition information)


What is a Challenge League?

A Challenge League is a schedule of Head-to-Head contests, between two schools.

Another term that is often used is a Dual Meet.  This is a common style of competition for sports like swimming, tennis, or wrestling, and Beach Volleyball in NCAA competition. In the MVC sponsored Challenge League, each dual meet will feature 4 doubles teams from each school. There will be three girls’ teams ranked by ability, and one boy’s team. Each doubles team plays against the corresponding ranked team from the opposing school. Points are awarded based on the overall team results each meet:

      • Win all 4 matches = 3 points
      • Win 3 matches = 2 points
      • Win 2 matches = 1 point

If you still require further information prior to registering for the MVC Secondary School Beach Challenge League, please contact us at

NCAA Beach Volleyball Action


    • Teams must be organized by a dedicated school contact such as an Athletic Director or Coach.
    • Once registered, the school contact will be contacted with further instructions regarding how-to register their team roster.
    • Ready to register your school team? Registration opens Monday, April 3 @ 9:00 AM.
    • A minimum of 10 athletes (2-4 boys and 6-8 girls) are required to form a roster.
    • At each dual meet, 8 athletes (3 girls pairs and 1 boys pairs) will compete.
    • Ready to register your school team? Registration opens Monday, April 3 @ 9:00 AM.
    • There is NO COST to participate in the MVC Challenge League.
    • Mariners Volleyball Club is covering all equipment and associated costs.
    • Team uniforms are encouraged and will be the responsibility of the participating school.
    • Student athletes in grades 10-12 can be listed on team rosters.
    • For the 2023 season, priority registration will be given to schools that reside in the Nanaimo area.
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