Mariners Volleyball Club is a registered non-profit Society, governed by a Board of Directors.


Mariners Volleyball Club Vision

To be a leader in creating quality club volleyball experiences for youth in the mid-Island region.

Mariners Volleyball Club Mission Statement 

Mariners Volleyball Club provides athletes the opportunity to participate in community based volleyball with the intent to foster personal growth, development and a passion for the sport of volleyball.

Mariners Volleyball Club Core Values






Mariners Volleyball Club Philosophy

The philosophy of the club is to provide as many athletes as possible the opportunity to participate in Club Volleyball, at the level appropriate for their developmental abilities. To accomplish this the Mariners Volleyball Club runs an inclusive variety of programs for different ages and genders.

Each of our programs foster a learning environment that values growth and improvement over performance whereby our athletes are encouraged to be tenacious in their efforts. Our coaches are trained to inspire and promote the development of volleyball in all our athletes. We want our athletes to push themselves, analyze their weaknesses and feel safe in failing again and again and again… because we know that in failure, our athletes maximize learning and develop resilience. We foster the belief that an athlete’s actions can change their outcomes. They create environments that are safe, athlete-centered and based on situational feedback, empathy, mutual respect and understanding.

We want our athletes to enjoy challenge, not avoid it. We want our athletes to embrace feedback not fear it. We want our athletes to have FUN.

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